hotelhalsey:iamhalsey: MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY!!!!! Please…


iamhalsey: MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY!!!!! Please remember that mental health is not limited to just those with mental illness! Remember that mental health is not a destination! It’s a journey! You don’t just wake up and arrive at healthy and happy! It is a constant process that requires your love and attention for the rest of your life. REMEMBER that you should NEVER feel ashamed for seeking help that you need! A lot of your favorite musicians (myself included!) see a therapist / psychiatrist regularly because keeping our minds healthy is what helps us do a great job at keeping YOU happy! You are never alone and you are WANTED and LOVED. Every battle helps you win the war! It’s okay to fail and to struggle along the way and every day won’t be a great one! But it’s these small transgressions that make us stronger. Please talk to your peers and your family about mental health. Speak LOUD! We have come a long way, but there is much stigma to be dissolved even still! You can be a shout into the atmosphere that helps someone else, and they will shout it back to you as well. I love you!!!!!!!

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