This may sound silly, but I’m going to the show alone and I’m nervous about it. What time do you think I should get there? (My show starts at 7 and I have Solis VIP) Also any tips for going alone if you have any or if your followers do would be appreciated <3

You’ll get an email a few days before your show with your check in time and I would personally try to get there maybe 45 minutes to an hour early?

I go to concerts alone most of the time because I don’t have friends that like the same music as I do. I’m a very shy and anxious person, I’m the type of person who doesn’t really speak unless I’m spoken to first unfortunately so I’ve gone to quite a few shows where I just keep to myself the whole time. If you’re the same way my tip would be to try and step out of your comfort zone if you can and just talk to the people around you. Ask them if they’ve seen Halsey before or what song they’re most excited to see her perform, things like that! It may feel like it at first but I promise you won’t be the only one there alone and you won’t be the only one who’s nervous. I was extra anxious about going to my Halsey concert alone because I wasn’t sure what her fans would be like but everyone in our little group was actually super friendly and nice and we all looked out for each other. Me and one of the girls I met are actually going to Jingle Ball together in a couple months! So you’ll be fine!! Even if you don’t end up talking to anybody, you’ll still enjoy the show and that’s the most important part 💕

anyone else have any other tips?