Tell us about work?

Tell us about work?

Anonymous said to hotelhalsey: What happened at work? I love hearing work gossip lmao

Anonymous said to hotelhalsey: what’s the work story 👀

i’m gonna put this under a read more because it’s a long one lol

Well to start, it was only me and one other employee at the store for the first 4 hours we were open which is a disaster in and of itself. Then a customer comes up to me at the register and was like “hey I don’t know if you guys know but there’s a leak over in the toddler section.” Turns out someone in the office above us flooded their bathroom and all of that water was pouring into our store, damaging a shit ton of clothes in the process. So my coworker is working with mall security and maintenance to get that under control and I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to help customers who must think we’re fucking personal shoppers all while keeping a eye on the register/checking people out/answering the phone/etc.

So here is where it gets weird. The chaos had died down, there weren’t very many customers, all was well. And then I get a phone call and the guy goes “Question, what do you guys have in store that would make a good wedding gift for a man?” which is a weird enough question considering we’re a clothing store, who buys someone clothing as a wedding gift?? So I say “Sir, we just sell clothing. Are you looking to buy him clothes as a wedding gift?” and he goes “Yeah, is there anything there that would make a good gift?” and in my head I’m screaming because people trying to shop over the phone is one of my biggest pet peeves with retail, either shop online or come into the damn store. I tell him that it completely depends on the person he’s buying for. And then he asks “Should I be buying a gift for the bride too? Or do you just choose one or the other?” I’m like “Well most people buy a joint gift for the both of them” and he goes “Damn, I was hoping you were only supposed to buy for one. I guess I’ll have to come in for myself and see what you guys have.” So that’s where I thought this conversation would end but HO BOY WAS I WRONG. He goes “Ok I have another question for you” and starts telling me about how over the weekend he went to the bachelor party of the guy that’s getting married and he says “there’s a thing that people do at bachelor parties where someone’s name is randomly drawn and they’re the ‘chosen one’ for the night” and I’m like “….okay” wondering where he was going with this and he asks me if I know what the “chosen one” is and I tell him that I have no clue what that means and he says “Well, there’s no women allowed at bachelor parties so the chosen one takes a women’s place with the groom, you know?” and I’m thinking “There’s no way that this story is going where I think it’s going. There’s no way.” So again, I’m like “….okay” and he says “So my name was chosen, we were all a little drunk and the groom and me, you know, did stuff. He must be gay or bisexual I guess. But the thing is, I liked it. How do I tell him that I liked the sex?” And at this point I’m at a complete loss for words. I still am while typing this lmao. All I could say was “Wow, um I really don’t know what to do in that situation.” And dude asked me again a couple more times about what I think he should do and I’m just like, “That’s a tough one man, I really don’t know.” and eventually he sighs and is like “Okay. Well, thanks for your help.” so I hung up before he could say anything else. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is officially the fucking weirdest thing that has happened to me in retail. It feels like some weird fever dream. Like I thought it had to be a prank but I’m telling you, dude was 100% serious and my life will never be the same.