… I really sympathize with Halsey, because I k…

… I really sympathize with Halsey, because I know she identifies as bisexual, but she’s predominantly been seen as straight, or straight-identifying or straight passing, or really only had open relationships with men in the public. And then people in the community say, “Oh, you get to pass as straight, so it’s not hard for you.” Which is so stupid.

I think it’s been really important, something Sara and I say all the time, it’s been a lonely 20 years in the music business. We haven’t known very many queer women. And a lot of the women in queer bands were in bands much smaller than ours, so we were friends and we had support from them, but there weren’t very many successful queer women that were in our same age group and genre.

I’ve never met most of the trailblazers who worked in our music industry and were queer women. And there have not been queer women on pop radio and in alternative radio in the twenty years we’ve been making music. Well, there are, but they’re closeted. And Halsey is kind of one of the first prominent pop stars to identify openly as bisexual, and to comfortably talk about it, and we need to give her props for it.